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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where does Pro DJ Productions operate?
A: Pro DJ Productions is located in Massapequa Long Island & Fort Lauderdale Florida. Our offices are open 11am - 11pm every day for meetings, by appointment only. We regularly do events all over Long Island, NYC, and the Tri-State Area as well as all of South Florida! 

Q: What time will Pro DJ Production's Employees arrive to set up for my party?
A: Depending on what package you choose, the location of your venue, and the complexity of the set-up; anywhere from 45 minutes to 120 minutes before an event begins. We always leave extra early to account for traffic and accidents, or other unforeseen minor delays. 

Q: Do You Provide A Written Agreement?
A: It is very important to confirm your booking in writing. Terms should be clearly defined to avoid future problems. Pro DJ Productions provides a written Agreement, which Pro DJ Productions and the Client both have to sign and agree to. In order to guarantee our services all contracts must be returned to us no later than two weeks before the date of your event.

Q: Is Your Equipment of Professional Quality?
A: There are many differences between home audio and professional road-worthy equipment. The equipment a DJ Company uses should be built to go on the road each and every day! It also has great sound quality and the ability to fill large rooms with the sound of music. Pro DJ Productions only uses Industry Standard or better, we pride ourselves in using top-notch equipment. 

Q: Are you sufficiently insured?
A: Yes! Almost always, venues will require DJs to retain liability insurance. If your venue requests a copy of our policy, we will be more than happy to promptly fax a copy to their office. 

Q: Will You Listen To My Music Suggestions?
A: Many DJ's are of the opinion that they know what music is best for their audience and won't take requests. In our opinion as well as yours the DJ should listen to requests and play them whenever appropriate. We prefer to play what you choose. You may even want to request certain songs NOT to be played, it's your event and we are here to accommodate you in any way we can. 


Q: Will You Play The Music At An Appropriate Level?
A: One of the biggest concerns voiced by prospective clients is the volume level of the music. A professional DJ knows to keep the volume at a level appropriate for the guests, especially during cocktails and the dinner hour. Again, as it is your function and we are here to accommodate you and your guests we will happily play the music at whatever level you like! Just because we have the ability to shake the venue doesn't mean we have to. We would rather save our hearing and yours, and we always keep in mind your guests of all ages. If it's too loud just ask us and we will turn it down, and vice versa. 


Q: Should I tip my DJ?
A: With any service profession, tipping is always optional. But, if you feel that the DJ has provided an exceptional job for you, a 10-15% tip (of your package price) is not unreasonable. As always, this shows the

DJ that his efforts were appreciated and encourages them to strive even harder. 


Q: How will you be dressed?
A: Attention to details is very important! To ensure a professional image, we always wear proper attire, which reflects a positive image of you and our company to your guests. Formal engagements such as a wedding require more formal attire than a less formal engagement like a block party. We will always ask you to specify what attire the DJ should wear, and if you are unsure we will make a suggestion based on our years of experience. 


Q: Why should I choose a DJ over a Band?
A: Bands are great! And we have a great band that we work with just ask! We often recommend for people having a band at their parties to also hire a very basic DJ package to fill in for the many breaks a band will take. Even the best bands are of course limited to their music selections. A DJ has many different selections from many different genres of music. Most often, people like to dance to music with which they are familiar. Bands take an average of 5 or more breaks per 5-hour event while a DJ provides continuous music, we never need a break! Adding a DJ to your band will ensure that your music doesn't stop! 


Q: If my guests are having a great time and we want you to stay longer are you able?
A: Always! Even though your DJ is booked for a specified period, if you are enjoying the music and want us to continue, we are happy to do so at a small cost. We more often than not get invited to stay the extra hour, sometimes even two! 


Q: Please tell me you won't play The Chicken Dance at my wedding.
A: We will not play The Chicken Dance at your wedding unless of course you specifically ask for it!. As a part of our booking and planning process, we want to know what you want to hear at your event along with what you do not! Your satisfaction is our goal and will do whatever it takes to ensure it!

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